Monday, March 31, 2008

Secondary citizen

For the last several years, almost every time I clear security at US airports, my boarding pass is marked “SSSS” and I have additional security screening. I am called a “Secondary”. I have asked for years why this always happens to me and no one has an answer at the airport. Thus, I am turning to the Internet to see what I can do to stop hemorrhaging time on excessive security checks. Or is this my fate as an international man of mystery?

Ironic poor connectivity in Silicon Valley

I am always amazed when visiting the Bay Area (aka Silicon Valley) in terms of the poor connectivity – both in terms of Wi Fi coverage and cellular phone coverage. Weak signals on the mobile phones. What little Wi Fi there is is often corporate or proprietary (e.g., T-Mobile’s) and a bit on the expensive side (compared with Wi Fi in Asia). Seems quite ironic that connectivity is so poor in the heart of the global innovation engine.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Way around the Great Firewall o' China

Found a neat way around the Great Firewall of China! E-mail me for more info. Better not post it here otherwise the Chinese Net Nannies might get wise.