Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dumpling apprentice at work, Banciao, Taiwan

"Drink Tea" for "Closed" - classic Taiwanese Engrish

It is assumed one drinks tea when you are closed? FTW?

"To Run Business" for "Open" - classic Taiwanese Engrish

This sign is seen EVERYWHERE in Taiwan! You would think that someone over the last 18 years or so I have seen this sign would have corrected the English by now.

Taiwan's overflowing garbage cans

Still wondering why the Taiwanese -- with their high population density -- don't use larger trash cans....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Photos of Taiwan September 2008

Photos of Taiwan September 2008:

Juices + Pink Pickled Stuff

Wonderful juices at a Lebanese restaurant. Plus some pickled pink stuff. And a setting sun and the breaking of Ramadan fast upon the customers.

The exotic (to some extent) juices are a real treat after a day of fasting and due to the general desert dryness of Riyadh.

I had some of the raisin juice. Yes, raisin juice. They take raisins and rehydrate them. Then create a juice. I did not care for it. Sicky sweet. A bit like cough syrup. However, I am told it is an acquired taste.

My favorite is a mix of kiwi and orange.


During Ramadan, some people purchase small fragrant twigs called "siwak". Below I have a high-end version. The idea is to brush one's teeth during the daylight fasting hours to keep "fasting breath" away.

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Pickled pink something-or-other in Lebanese restaurant

Setting sun through Lebanese restaurant

One can see the setting sun and people lining up to buy food for the breaking of the Ramadan fast.

Long An Road, Hsinchuang, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan

7-11 - Taiwan's logistics and e-commerce hub

Taiwan's ubiquitous 7-11s are the de facto logistics and e-commerce hub in Taiwan. Taiwan has the world's 3rd largest network of 7-11 stores.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Arabic sweets in Riyadh

Arabic sweets (3)
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A friend took me to one of the best desert shops in Riyadh (I'll get the name later). He loaded me up on a variety of sweets. Yum!

Combo Arabic, South Asian and Sudanese meal

Fresh shredded ginger

Fresh shredded ginger
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Steamed Dumplings - Chinese/Taiwanese food

We indeed must liberate Taiwan

We indeed must liberate Taiwan! -- says the old Communist propaganda poster. Seen in a bookstore on YongKang Street, Taipei, Taiwan.

McCain and Obama on YongKang Street, Taipei, Taiwan

CNN on display at a bookstore on YongKang Street in Taiwan. If Taiwan could vote, who would the Taiwanese vote for and why?

CKS up, Taiwan democracy taken down

The Ma Administration was taken down all the displays related to Taiwan Democracy and is back to displaying Chiang Kai-shek (CKS) only.

Both flammable and inflammable, Taiwan

This truck in Taipei County displayed labels indicating its gaseous goods were both flammable and inflammable. FTW?

I kept my distance.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chinese class - Feng Laoshi - Oberlin College

This was during 1988 - 1990. Not sure when. The late Teacher Feng. And Jin Laoshi I believe. I want to say this was taken at Asia House.