Monday, April 21, 2008

Chinese vs. Carrefour

As I blogged about before, the Chinese are taking it out on the French. On Carrefour.


Anonymous said...

have you been inside a carrefour, boyd? i never went into one, and never saw a real chinese supermarket in china, either. so, what makes carrefour so popular amoung chinese consumers? do they sell exotic french stuff there? are the fruits and vegies lined up neatly, prettily, and cleanly? more attractively displayed than street corner fruit stalls? hey, the french entrepreneurers employ local chinese people. do they abuse labor laws? do they pay well? do they sell fancy french perfumes, french bagettes, and french coffee there? well, you can get fancy french perfume at chinese department stores.

Boyd R. Jones said...

I have been to several supermarkets in China. Carrefour. Wal-Mart. Local versions. I think most are localized in the extreme and one can't really find exotic French cuisine, etc. My understanding is that Carrefour and most international chains have a good labor law record -- although some controversy over the last few years as Wal-Mart resisted legally required unionization as long as they could.

Anonymous said...

walmart gives american capitalism a bad name!