Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GO Telecom kiosk in Sahara Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

GO Telecom kiosk in Sahara Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Worst post-sales support.. Dear friends, dont jus depend on the sales and marketting, indeed take some user's device to your place, test itr yourself before subscribing...

My mail to customer care department of GO Telecom :


I'm really sorry to say, but I took a 12 month GO WiMax package of 1MBPS last month after calling customer care and getting a confirmation that the signal is best in the place where I stay in Riyadh. I got my connection on 13th september and at the very first attempt, my modem took more than 45 mins searching for signal and after that I could see 2 LED's blinking even after keeping this indoor modem on window.

I called up customer care and told them this issue, they asked me to perform many steps like resetting, restarting and even after that there was no respite. Just to confirm if it is a modem issue, I took this indoor modem to my friend's place in Olaya(Riyadh). To my surprise it just took less than 5 mins to search the signal there and I was able to browse internet finely. This overruled my thinking that there could be an issue with the modem.

I called up Customer care and confirmed them the issue and got an update that the ticket is raised and assigned to an engineer. After that I've been continously chasing up with customer care, but except the update that ticket is still assigned, I couldn't see any good result. I have never felt that I subscribed for a 1MBPS connection as the max speed must be less than 128kbps.

In this duration, I must have called a minimum of 10 times to Cust care at an interval of 1-2 day.

The most annoying thing is when I called up Customer care on 1st Nov again and the executive opened a new ticket for me persuading that I'm opening a new one as high priority and someone will look into your issue urgently. As expected.. no response... I used my left out hope and called again on 3rd Nov and found that the previous ticket was closed as the engineer found my PC connected to modem and with good speed.

At this point I do not understand why customers are being made fool by asking them to believe that their issue will be resolved if the support team is not at all interested to resolve any customer issues. I feel I made a big mistake by trusting GO telecom and subscribing for the 1 year package at one go.

I've come to a conclusion that Non-responsible customer care, false updates for ticket closure, and most important UNTRUSTWORTHY customer care executives are assets of GO telecom.

My complaint numbers - 0066XXXX- opened on 13th Sept -09 , 0072XXXX- Opened as so-called Priority 1 ticket on 1s Nov 2009.

I don't know if this mail is read by a responsible person from customer care team , but would be looking forward for an action towards these complaints.