Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Amnesty International weighs in on the Beijing Olympics and Human Rights

Amnesty International UK's first video about the Beijing Olympics and human rights:


Anonymous said...

yeah, the firing squad is pretty gruesome. do they still hang people in china? they hung black folks in the u.s. during the jim drow era. wonder why AI doesn't protest against the u.s. involvement in iraq. being one of the youngest superpowers, the u.s. is not the most forward thinking. many first world powers have abolished the death penalty. and the u.s. doesn't torture prisoners of war? okay, this video is about china, not the u.s. what can i say about the video? metinks it won't make a dent in the number of folks attending the olympics in beijing. it will be an exciting event, if you can handle being around millions and millions of people in a dry, hot dessert with few trees. boy, i hope they'll sell enough water bottles!

Anonymous said...

many capitals and big cities around the world vie to host the olympics, esp. the summer olympics. i was wondering about the advantages of being throned the host city. besides international prestige, practically ALL industries in the host city stand to benefit from the influx of visitors during the games. even the prosititution industry benefits. 'course, the chinese government won't acknowledge that. anyway, what's your input on that, boyd? do you think beijing will recoup all the costs assoc. with hosting the games? the government puts up the money for the construction. the private industry gains. well, there are a lot of "state run" stores and touristy sites as well. most non-asian visitors need to get a visa to enter china, and this costs money. in my very humble opinion, beijing will be a pot of gold this summer!

Anonymous said...

tangently related to the olympics. it's amazing how fast and responsive the chinese government was to the earthquake of late. as self-sufficient as the chinese have become, the gov wasn't too proud to accept aid from the u.s., france, japan, and so forth, sans personnel, which is understandable, since the chinese have their own competent personnel. contrast that to the cyclone situation in burma, where the idiots in the government couldn't care less about the folks they were supposed to govern.